• Choose one of five characters with unique benefits (e.g. influence with high society as a result of your loveless cage of a marriage to a local captain of industry) and drawbacks (e.g. an empty, ravenous void where your humanity once was).
  • Send out expeditions to capture dangerous and disquieting monsters.
  • Cook them into disquieting dishes.
  • Cross-breed them into arguably yet more disquieting offspring.
  • Sell them for profit, or else be crushed, gored, dissolved, enveloped, consumed, or hollowed out and inhabited by them in turn; your limbs moving at their command; their eyes looking out through your own.

Made in Inkle's amazing narrative scripting language 'Ink'. I've just finished the prototype of the game, which consists of an extended tutorial (with a fair deal of player freedom and hidden secrets) and one extra monster encounter.

Update [2018-09] - The full version of The Red Market is current in development! Follow development via the posts on this page, or on my blog, or follow me on Twitter!

Updated 21 days ago
GenreRole Playing
TagsSingleplayer, Story Rich

Development log


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Amazing start :) My game ended with Philips dying, and going to the rumor market leading to an obviously unfinished part of the game ^^; Oh well, happy to restart again and see what else The Red Market has to offer.

Again, an amazing start. You are taking Choose Your Own Adventure stories to another level with this game.

Thanks very much! I really appreciate the kind feedback :) 

And sorry, yes - I think I know the unfinished part you're talking about! I'm planning on finishing that part of the game soon, then this prototype will be fully complete. After that i'll be working on the full game, which will probably mean that there won't be any updates for a while. 

Thanks again for playing! Hopefully you'll like what comes next!


I never knew I wanted to be a merchant!

I like how it's basically a thought out DnD scenario with quite a few different ways to go about doing things. Fallen London is strong here! But it's fine!

It's fun! I like this, please make more! You got a knack for writing!

And whoops I managed to get myself stuck, with no options to choose! Paragraph -

In certain sections of the market displays of tinware and roasted chestnuts serve as a cover for a more illicit trade. Here, those in the know can acquire all manner of powerful relics.

Thanks so much for the feedback - I really appreciate it. And thanks for finding that bug - I'll get to it in the next update. 

Definitely going to be continuing work on the game - have a lot planned out for it. Going to try to balance adding new content with working on an eventual Unity version. 

Thanks again!